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Once upon a time, a kid from down and out St. Louis, MO, packed up his beater car and came out to Washington State to study composition at Evergreen. 35 years later, he’s still in the Pacific Northwest, composing, performing and recording.

Christopher Bingham passed the acid test in early 1970s St. Louis, where the airwaves twisted his brain with golden age progressive rock. After seeing all of Jethro Tull materialize on stage in a flash and puff of smoke, he was bitten by the prog rock bug and never recovered. He’s done everything from acoustic folk through jazz, rock and orchestral pieces, but he always comes back to writing chewy, complex pieces that remain melodic and accessible while taking your mind to different galaxies. After two acoustic solo albums, Bingham and his wife, Sue Tinney, started the seminal Pagan band, Gaia Consort in 1997. Pagans loved it, but after four critically acclaimed records, it was time to expand the audience. So - a new name.

Bone Poets Orchestra explores wildly different textures through Bingham’s "no stylistic borders" policy - all enhanced by 40 years of immersion in just about every musical style.

What do they sound like now? They make a kind of psychedelic chamber rock. Bingham, singing lead and playing lead guitar has a clear tenor that gets compared to Greg Lake or Dave Mathews. Sue Tinney on co-lead and harmony vocals has is a breathy alto reminiscent of Norah Jones. The string arrangements often sound like a nod to War Child era Jethro Tull. The rhythm section nods to Peter Gabriel’s drum sensibilities, with a Jaco-esque moments in the bass lines . There is hammond throughout the keyboards and plenty of mellotron. The groove fits the lyric content which inspires allegiance if you celebrate the natural world, polyamory or have ever dipped your toes into psychedelic and alternative culture.

Bone Poets Orchestra is a concert band. Eschewing the club scene, Bingham built his audience by self-producing house concerts, renting community centers, small theaters and eventually getting into some festivals. (Faerieworlds main stage for five years running 2005-2009, others.)

Long before Kickstarter, Bingham crowd-sourced his recordings. (Adopt-a-Song!) Over the years, fans have donated over $100,000 to make these recordings happen.

Live, Bingham leads with stories - sometimes visited by his alter ego, St Crispy, Patron Saint of Flashbacks and Household Clutter - and there is a fair amount of singing along and dancing too. Bone Poets Orchestra’s current line-up is an impressive group of world class players. Sue Tinney sings co-lead, Emmy Award winning co-producer Jay Kenney plays keyboards, Dan Mohler is on frettless bass, with Grammy nominee TJ Morris on drums, Larry Golding on violin, Sunnie Larsen on viola and voice and Taryn Webber on cello and voice.

    Bone Poets Releases
  • Vitus Dance - 2007
  • Belladonna Smiles - 2010
  • Atheist Anthems - 2011
  • Ecstasy in the Ruins - released March 4th, 2014
  • Edge of the Western World -Fall of 2016
  • Tastes Better When You Share - October 11, 2019

For more information contact Christopher Bingham at chris@bonepoets.com or 425 387-4368


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